MPs on the Commons Public Accounts Committee have missed two key issues in their report on royal funding, according to campaign group Republic.

The group has pointed out today that the real annual bill for the monarchy is well over £200m, when a host of hidden costs are included.

Republic has also challenged the way the Sovereign Support Grant works, a system of funding as anachronistic as the old civil list.

Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith said today:

“When you start to look at security, revenue from the Duchies, costs to local councils and unpaid taxes the total cost of the monarchy is well over £200m every year. That’s the equivalent of thousands of new nurses, doctors, police officers or dozens of new schools.”

“While we welcome the MPs’ call for more savings to be made we need an honest and open look at the true cost. Then we can see the scale of the problem for what it is.”

“MPs also need to look seriously at the absurd funding arrangements brought in by this government. The sovereign support grant ensures the monarchy’s funding increases based on property prices rather than need and guarantees the grant can never go down.”

“The total cost is not what’s wrong with the monarchy but a symptom of an institution resistant to any scrutiny or accountability. Eight years ago MPs called on the palace to open up to tourists in order to raise revenue but the palace simply refused.”

“While the monarchy continues to exist it must be placed on an equal financial footing with any other public body. That means annual budgeting, a salary for the Queen and a drastic reduction in costs to around £5m a year.”