Campaign group Republic has today welcomed the news that the Commons public accounts committee is challenging the Duchy of Cornwall's tax status. The Duchy avoids paying any corporation tax, an issue Republic raised with the authorities in December. Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said today: "We welcome the news that the PAC will be adding the Duchy to their inquiry into corporation tax avoidance. As we pointed out in December there is no justification for the Duchy to be avoiding this tax." "The duchy is a trading body and major land owner. Like all other trading bodies it should pay its fair share of tax. Instead the Duchy keeps ducking and diving, changing its excuses each time in a desperate bid to justify its position." "It's time this well entrenched tax avoidance scheme was closed down by the Treasury and the royals were told they can no longer enjoy privileged tax status." "We now see that the next in line to the throne is up there with Starbucks and Google in trying to avoid their responsibilities." "We are pleased that MPs have responded positively to our calls for an investigation."

For more details see the story as reported in the Guardian.