Campaigners are predicting a difficult decade ahead for the royals, following the latest poll showing most young people want the monarchy abolished.

The latest YouGov poll shows at least 41 per cent of people aged 18 to 24 want an elected head of the state with 31 per cent supporting the monarchy.

Campaign group Republic is stepping up its campaign in the coming weeks and months, preparing to challenge the succession of King Charles.

Speaking for the group, Graham Smith said today:

"With polls showing young people wanting an elected head of state, the succession of King Charles will be a major turning point in the monarchy's history and in the growth of Britain's republican movement."

"The 2020s are going to be a challenging decade for the monarchy. The Queen is 95 and her reign is coming to an end. King Charles might inherit the throne, but he won't inherit the respect and deference enjoyed by his mother."

"Support for the monarchy has been sustained by the Queen's long reign. The Queen is the monarchy. The monarchy is the Queen. For many people the Queen harks back to another age, while Charles is just another man in a suit."

"The automatic succession of King Charles will dramatically alter the debate and public attitudes, putting the monarchy on collision course with modern British values."

"The monarchy's future is increasingly in peril as British values move further away from the stale image of hereditary privilege."

"This latest poll is another reminder of the urgent need for a serious, honest and grown up debate about the future of the monarchy and the democratic alternative."