As Buckingham palace prepares to publish its annual finance report, campaign group Republic has called on MPs to follow the Danish example and cut all minor royals from public funding.

Public funding for little known royals such as Princess Alexandra and Duchess of Kent has been called a 'scandal'.  

Last month the Danish government said it would cut public funding for all minor royals, saying taxpayers were facing spiralling costs.

Republic calls for an end to the monarchy but has said a significant cut in public subsidy would be a 'step in the right direction'.

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:

"We do not owe the extended Windsor family a living. It is a scandal that the Queen allows her family to profit from their relationship with her."

"Why are we spending millions of pounds on Katherine Worsley or Marie von Reibnitz when public services are being squeezed and cut?"

"Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and their families should also be told to pay their own way.  We should immediately end state funding for their security, accomodation, travel and all other expenses."

"Denmark has helped lead the way, we should follow their example.  Of course we need wider cuts, while the monarchy lasts only the monarch should be funded.  But this is a good step in the right direction."

"The public are with us on this.  A poll carried out last year shows a clear majority wanting minor royals to lose their public funding."

The total annual cost of the monarchy is estimated to be £334m, not the £40m claimed by the palace.  That includes the Sovereign Grant which is paid directly by the taxpayer as well as the estimated £100m security bill.


Buckingham palace is due to publish their annual finance report on Tuesday June 28.

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Katherine Worsley is commonly referred to as the Duchess of Kent

Marie von Reibnitz is commonly known as Princess Michael of Kent

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