Documents released by the Ministry of Defence confirm the military spends over half a million pounds a year on royal servants.

A day after the government announced no new defence spending it can be revealed that in 2023 the military spent £506,681.18 on equerries, officers whose job it is to serve the king and other senior royals.

Republic, who obtained the documents via freedom of information requests, has condemned the waste of MoD funding.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"This is a disgraceful use of highly trained military personnel as window dressing for the king. I am calling on the military and government to stop this practice immediately."

"We are often hearing that the military is stretched and under-staffed. With its additional commitments to Ukraine, how can the government justify spending any of the country's defence budget on people to open doors for Charles, Camilla and William?"

"Charles dodged a massive inheritance tax bill eighteen months ago. The royals are worth more than a billion pounds. Why can't they employ their own equerries?"

"The MoD have said this is not additional spending, but it is the use of officers that could be used elsewhere, doing the job they were trained to do."