A formal complaint has today been lodged with the Metropolitan Police, regarding the apparent lack of action in response to serious allegations against Prince Charles.

In September 2021, it was reported in the press that Prince Charles had been arranging for honours to be awarded to people who donated to his charities.

In response, Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, reported Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett to the police, on suspicion of selling honours.

It has since been reported in the press that the police are investigating, but four months have passed and nothing appears to have been done.

Republic has lodged a formal complaint with the Met, which says:

"The evidence provided was clear, namely a letter in which Mr Fawcett explicitly links cash donations to a knighthood. It is difficult to understand how Fawcett could make such promises without the explicit involvement of Prince Charles."

"There is a clear public interest in investigating the integrity of the honours system and the office of head of state and heir. So, it’s unclear why there has been no obvious progress on this matter."

"Can you please confirm what is being done, and take the necessary steps to ensure this has been investigated exactly as it would have been had the accusation been made against any other person?"

Speaking for Republic today, Graham Smith said:

"The Metropolitan Police seem reluctant to investigate those in power, the royals in particular. They claim to work without fear or favour, but that doesn't appear to be the case."

"Their failure to investigate Prince Charles, despite clear, written evidence of wrong doing, suggests that the royals are immune from prosecution."

"We saw this with the Virginia Roberts case, when she reported Prince Andrew for sex offences that were said to have been committed in London. The Met showed no interest and took no action."

"Now the police seem determined to forget the cash-for-honours case, in the hope that it will go away. Yet Charles is likely to be King in the next few years, and the public are still in the dark about whether he is exchanging honours for cash. That is unacceptable."