Large crowds gathered in Trafalgar Square today for a rally for an elected head of state.

Organised by anti-monarchy group Republic, Republic Day drew in a large crowd for speeches, chanting and poetry, all with a simple message: we want a choice, not Charles, it's time to abolish the monarchy.

There was also a focus on the positive vision of a future republic, and a great sense of optimism enthused the crowd as support for the monarchy continues to decline. 
Speakers included Norman Baker, Peter Tatchell, Republic's Graham Smith and Kelechi Okafor, who set out why it's necessary to ditch the archaic monarchy and instead embrace a modern vision for a more democratic Britain.
Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:
"A year ago, Republic staff members and volunteers were arrested before we could protest against the coronation on Trafalgar Square."
"Today, we rallied in the square, showing how far our movement has come over the last twelve months."
"Our message is clear. We must abolish the monarchy if we want to change the country for good."
"A year on from the coronation, support for the monarchy has dropped below 50% in some polls, while across the board the royals are losing support."

"Republic now has hundreds of activists, tens of thousands of supporters and a growing network of local campaigns."

"Now more than ever, we are confident it's a question of when, not if, the monarchy is abolished."
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Republic’s next protest will be at the Trooping the Colour Ceremony. Find out more details here.