It's time for Labour to tap into the new politics spirit and embrace republicanism. That will be the message at a fringe meeting at Labour's conference on Monday evening.

Campaign groups Labour for a Republic and Republic will be talking about how Labour's 'new politics' must be an opportunity for an honest and serious debate about Britain's constitution.

Republic CEO Graham Smith said today:

"Republicanism is not a left/right issue, it draws its support from across the political spectrum. Yet Labour is best placed to start talking seriously about Crown powers, the royal prerogative and serious democratic reform."

"We're not expecting Labour to propose abolition of the monarchy today, but leading Labour figures need to start talking openly about how the country can move on from monarchy and embrace a genuinely democratic politics."

"Labour can start by supporting changes to royal secrecy laws and scrapping the Privy Council. A full-throated commitment to an elected upper house is also an important step in the right direction."

"It's well known that Labour is awash with republicans, and there's been a lot of talk recently about their own democratic exercise in choosing their leader. So let's see the party embrace that spirit and speak up for a real democratic revolution for Britain."

The fringe meeting is 9pm Monday September 28 at:

The Pump House

46 Market Street