Campaigners have today called on Prince Harry to step up and call for the abolition of the monarchy, following comments he made about the damaging impact of growing up as a royal.

Graham Smith, speaking for the group Republic, said today:

"Harry is clearly not interested in the royal life, and wants a better upbringing for his children than the one he was given by Charles."

"When he quotes Meghan saying 'You don’t need to be a princess, you can create the life that will be better than any princess', that's a democratic, republican sentiment. That's a call to bring the monarchy to a close."

"It's time we all moved on. For the sake of Harry and William's children, and for the sake of British democracy."

"To most people the Queen is the monarchy, the monarchy is the Queen. The Queen is the true believer, the princes are just acting out a role."

"Now is the time to decide to bring the curtain down on the whole show when the Queen's reign comes to an end."

"He may not have reached that conclusion yet, but Harry's sentiments are democratic and republican at heart. No doubt influenced by his American wife."

"His privilege colours his judgement, but he is showing a way out for the royals and for the country. An amicable end to the monarchy is possible."