Republican campaigners from around Europe and the Commonwealth will be gathering in London this Saturday, to plan a monarchy-free future.


Speakers will include MPs Emma Dent Coad and Tommy Sheppard.


UK campaign Republic is hosting the International Republican Convention as part of a weekend conference of the Alliance of European Republican Movements.


Campaigners will be attending from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain.  Speakers are also expected from the Commonwealth.


Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:


"After seven years of major PR events the public remain largely unimpressed.  This wedding isn't a national celebration, it's a royal parade that'll cost the taxpayers dear."


"The International Republican Convention will be an opportunity to showcase the positive case for renewed democracy and an end to monarchies everywhere."


"I'm delighted we'll have members of parliament, activists and academics all speaking on Saturday - all with the same clear message: monarchy doesn't work."


"The royals think the patronising soap opera will sustain them, yet all the evidence is that people are turning off their brand.  Most people just don't care anymore."


"Support for retaining the monarchy is high but shallow - our challenge is to speak to the millions of people who don't really care and show them there's a real problem, and the solution is a new constitution."




Republic will be hosting the International Republican Convention this Saturday, the day of the royal wedding.  Speakers include Tommy Sheppard MP, Emma Dent Coad MP, Jenny Hocking from Australia, representatives from European republican movements and Republic's Graham Smith.


The event is open to journalists.  


Doors open at 1pm for a 1:30 start.  The convention will be held at:


St Bride Foundation

14 Bride Lane

London EC4Y 8EQ

(near Blackfriar's station)