The draft Scottish constitution needs to offer Scotland the chance to choose their head of state according to campaign group Republic.

The draft constitution retains the Queen as head of state of an independent Scotland, a position Republic has branded 'untenable,undemocratic and lacking imagination'.

Republic will be holding its annual conference in Edinburgh on July 12 - the theme is Yes or No, the monarchy must go.

Republic's CEO Graham Smith said today:

"The draft constitution promises the people of Scotland will be sovereign, but that's an empty promise if the highest office in the land is out of reach of ordinary citizens."

"No doubt Yes campaigners are excited to see this first draft -  but it makes no sense for a proud statement of independence to be muted by a lingering attachment to a feudal monarch resident in another country."

"If Scotland votes Yes in September we will certainly see opinion on this question shift decisively, just as opinion will have moved dramatically over the issue of independence itself."

"The British monarchy is bound up with the British state - it isn't just some decoration. This draft document raises a lot of questions about the privileges of the Windsor family, their power and influence in Scottish politics and the powers the Crown will offer Scottish politicians."

"This position is untenable in the long-term, it is undemocratic in the short term and it completely lacks the imagination and ambition you might expect from an independence movement. If Scotland votes Yes, let's make it a Yes, Yes - a vote for an independent republic."