Here’s what you need to know to join the protest in London.

WHAT TO WEAR: yellow! We’d love to see you in our Not My King t shirts, but whatever you go with - make it yellow, so we can present a strong visual in the crowd.

WHAT TO BRING: friends, fun and a sign. And refreshments. You can use our designs or get creative and make your own. It's best to use slogans like "Abolish the monarchy", "Not My King" and so on. Slogans that might offend or which make direct accusations about certain royals might be taken off you. 

We have placard designs you can download and print.

WHAT TIME TO ARRIVE: the earlier the better! Aim for 8 or 9am, but we want people to keep turning up all morning so the protest peaks around midday.

WHERE TO GO: Trafalgar Square

ENGAGING WITH ROYALISTS: We are not here to cause trouble with our fellow citizens who have, for whatever reason, decided to come out in support of the coronation. We are not, as the police like to say, 'disturbers of the peace'. Keep this in mind as you engage with royalists on the day. It’s a bank holiday, enjoy it! Stay calm & respectful at all times. Move away from a situation if you need to.

ENGAGING WITH THE POLICE: Republic has been very firm in responding to the heavy handed policing that we saw after the death of the Queen, and this response has paid dividends! We have assurances that our right to protest will not be interfered with by the metropolitan police. If a police officer does engage with you confrontationally we will be on hand to assist with any problems and more information about that will be available nearer the time.