Campaign group Republic has welcomed the honesty of Greens leader Natalie Bennett over her party's position on the monarchy.

Republic's CEO Graham Smith said today:

"Democracy is a sham in this country, people are demanding change but the one major change that's needed is a move to a republic."

"A dramatic reform would really change the way politics is done and perceived to be done, it would make clear that we are citizens, not subjects, that no part of our political system is off limits to the people."

"I hope the Green party's stance on this issue triggers serious debate and gives courage to all those republicans in other parties to speak up and declare their position."

"Abolition of the monarchy cannot be off limits to political debate. The monarchy is at the heart of the British political system, it is the root of a great deal that's wrong with politics in Britain, especially the centralised power of the government and the top-down elitist culture of Westminster."