Republican campaigners have welcomed comments made by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood in which she repeated her support for an end to the monarchy.  The comments follow similar statements from Greens leader Natalie Bennett.

Head of anti-monarchy group Republic, Graham Smith, said today:

"For the first time the issue of a republic is being raised in the course of a general election.  This is an important moment, when the cause of republicanism starts to gain traction among politicians."

"We take no sides in the election, but we welcome the support of all those candidates and politicians who have the courage of their convictions to come out and declare themselves to be republican."

"A lot of MPs who will be returned to parliament in May support a republic - we need them to stand up, to speak out and to start to make more noise about this issue."

"It can't be right that Charles and the Queen continue to have influence on legislation.  Royal secrecy is completely unacceptable - their lobbying and interference must be stopped."

"With all the talk of a need for radical reform, further devolution and electing the Lords, the one big elephant in the room is the monarchy.  We can never really claim to be a democracy for as long as our political system hangs on the notion of inherited privilege and status."

"It is refreshing to see Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett speak up on these issues - perhaps now Miliband, Clegg and Sturgeon will follow suit.  With plenty of Tories and UKIPers supporting abolition of the monarchy Cameron and Farage might want to take this issue seriously too."