Campaign group Republic has called for a root-and-branch review of the honours system after MPs voted to strip Philip Green of his knighthood.

Republic's CEO has said Green should never have been knighted in the first place and that there are plenty of other undeserving recipients of honours.

Graham Smith said today:

"Now MPs have voted to strip Green of his knighthood the honours forfeiture committee needs to act quickly to support parliament's view."

"MPs now need to re-think the whole honours system. It's all very well debating whether to strip someone of their honour, but politicians need to review how they're awarded in the first place."

"The honours system is clearly rotten to the core.  We routinely witness party donors, political friends and Westminster's idea of the 'great and good' getting the highest awards.  Honours for doing a job are commonplace."

"Honours should be reserved for those who make a real sacrifice for their community or country - not friends and allies of politicians. There was never any good reason for knighting Green, he was awarded for making a fortune doing his job."

"We need a whole new system of honours, reserved only for the most deserving and awarded independently of government and party leaders."

"It is shameful that honours awarded to the genuinely deserving are tainted by association with the grubbier side of business and politics."

"There needs to be a whole new honours system, couched in language and symbolism that reflects our nation’s modern democratic values and culture."