Reports of the Queen's views on Brexit show why it's so important voters get to choose their head of state, according to campaign group Republic.

The group has said that the public should have some knowledge of who their head of state is and what they believe.  And voters should have the opportunity to replace her if they don't approve of her actions and comments.

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:

"Whether or not we believe the claims in the Sun newspaper, the voters shouldn't be left guessing what the Queen believes."

"Yes, she has to remain impartial, but that can be done while also holding strong views.  The problem is we have no idea what the Queen's views really."

"The voters have a right to know who their head of state is, they have a right to know the truth behind these reports, not be fobbed off by press office denials."

"Most importantly the voters have the right to decide who they want representing them and the opportunity to replace our head of state if they wish."

"We may end up with a widely held view that we have a Brexit monarch and a Remain PM.  If the polls shift toward Brexit or if we vote to remain we have a conflict between the voters, the government and the head of state."