Campaign group Republic has called for nothing short of a 'democratic revolution' in Britain following Scotland's No vote and has said this opportunity will spur on the republican movement.

Speaking this morning Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said:

"Our system of government is broken.  It is focussed on the power of the few, at the top and in the middle. Clearly there is a demand now for real democratic reform and a great opportunity to deliver that radical change."

"The way forward must be led by the people, not by the Westminster politicians who have proven themselves deaf to the need for real change."

"This process can't be shaped by the interests of Labour or the Conservativs - it has to be shaped by the interests of the people."

"There can be no areas of the constitution marked off-limits, no sacred cows beyond debate.  The monarchy, Lords and every pillar of the current constitution needs to be up for debate."

"When this process is finished we need a genuinely democratic constitution rooted in the consent of the people and agreed by the people."

"Despite the No vote in Scotland the Yes campaign has shown us all that people will change their minds, will engage with these issues once the debate is happening."

"People now have a taste of the excitement and inspiration of a real democratic moment - that can be infectious and will spur on the republican cause."

"The republican cause has always been about more than just the monarchy - it's about genuine democracy and the sovereignty of the people."

"If the politicians fail to meet this challenge the people will do it for them.  Our time will come when the people of the whole of the UK will be asked: do you want a modern democratic constitution and an end to the monarchy?  The answer will be Yes."