Campaigners have today called on the British government to stop sending royals overseas, and on the Commonwealth to sever ties with the monarchy.

The comments from Republic follow another royal tour disaster, when Prince Edward demonstrated a 'contemptible lack of interest' in issues raised by Antigua prime minister Gaston Browne.

Browne raised Britain's colonial legacy and the issue of reparations with Edward and Sophie, yet Edward's response was to make jokes and say he hadn't been taking notes and so wouldn't be responding.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"This arrogant and contemptible response from Edward shows again that the royals are not cut out for diplomacy. It has always been the case, but until now host nations have been too polite to put them on the spot."

"Caribbean nations have clearly had enough of Britain's patronising diplomacy and are using these tours to raise serious grievances. More astute, sincere and accomplished visitors would have been able to engage with those issues, not simply dismiss them."

"Edward demonstrated just why royals are no good at diplomacy, coming across as aloof, uninterested and out of his depth."

"It's in Britain's interests to stop sending royals abroad, and it's time the Commonwealth cut all its ties with the British monarchy. There is nothing to be gained from drawing out this increasingly anachronistic and embarrassing relationship."