Campaign group Republic has welcomed the court ruling today that the government must release letters written by Prince Charles.  The group has also said the ruling highlights the need for a change in the law so all of Charles's political lobbying can be scrutinised and challenged in the future.

Changes made to freedom of information laws in 2010 mean that there is now no chance at all of having letters between senior royals and the government released.

Republic's spokesperson Graham Smith said today:

"Time and again the lawyers rule in favour of disclosure - it is only the government, the palace and ardent monarchists who prefer secrecy over transparency.  It is now time the government gave up their fight and accepted the need for disclosure of Charles's lobbying."

"Dominic Grieve's argument is that it is better to pretend Charles is impartial than to prove he is not.  Charles is required to stay out of politics, if he is lobbying politicians then the public have a right to know."

"Sadly all parties conspired in 2010 to change the law under which the Guardian made the original request.  If a similar freedom of information request were made now it would fall at the first hurdle thanks to an absolute bar on the release of royal letters."

"Royals now have the complete freedom to lobby the government in secret and on whatever issue they choose.  This has nothing to do with their royal duties and everything to do with the Windsor family protecting their own interests and pursuing their own agendas."

"The law must be now be changed to allow the public to know when and how Charles and other members of his family are lobbying our government."