Prince Charles is clearly lobbying to change government policy on a range of issues, campaign group Republic has said today.

While some people attempt the play down the content of the letters released today Republic has said they are clear evidence that Charles is not impartial.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said:

"Iraq, military spending and TB in farm animals have all been contentious issues over the past decade, issues where the political parties have disagreed."

"Charles has waded into these issues - we don't know whether out of personal interest or on behalf of others - and he has no regard for his duty to be impartial."

"It's very simple: voters have a right to know if Charles is influencing government policy.  If he is then voters have the right to insist he stops."

"The monarchy has always been defended on the grounds that the royals don't get involved in politics.  We now have clear proof that Charles does get involved."

"The big problem is that no other evidence will now be released.  That's a disgrace.  We need full disclosure so the people can judge for themselves: do we want this monarchy to continue?"