Campaigners have criticised Prince Charles for a clear abuse of power in lobbying the Scottish government on teaching policy - and have called on Holyrood to come clean over the interference.


Republic, which campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy, has said the Scottish government needs to be honest with voters.


The call comes after reports the government has refused to release letters Charles wrote in support of education charity Teach First.


Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:


"Prince Charles is abusing his privileged position by lobbying for his pet issues and favoured charity.  The government in Scotland must come clean about the impact of Charles's meddling."


"Prince Charles has no more right than anyone else to lobby politicians, yet he has secretive and direct access to ministers and official papers.  He is clearly abusing that access to pursue his own agenda."


"In this case other charities and teaching providers will be asking whether Teach First has been given a significant and unfair advantage by their relationship with Charles."


"That raises the simple question: have decisions about education policy been made without fear or favour and in the best interests of pupils, or has there been undue influence in favour of Prince Charles's political agenda?"



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