Campaigners in the UK have called the royal tour of the Caribbean a 'turning-point' for royals and republicans, here and abroad.

Kate and William's tour, taking in Belize, Jamaica and Bahamas, has been beset by protest and political debate about ditching the monarchy.

Graham Smith, speaking for campaign group Republic, said today:

"There has been a marked shift in attitudes towards the royals in the UK and across the Commonwealth over the past decade."

"The BLM and anti-slavery movements in particular have helped shift the tide away from the monarchy and towards more independent and egalitarian ideas."

"Kate and William's tour has thrown a spotlight on the monarchy debate in Jamaica, just as the country is gearing up to celebrate sixty years of independence."

"This visit was poorly advised and poorly executed, but yet again the royals have greased the wheels of the republican movements here and around the world."

"The royals are increasingly finding it difficult to put a foot right, and they are increasingly showing everyone how irrelevant, out of touch and pointless the monarchy is."

"Just last year Barbados made the switch to a republic and in the next few months Australia is likely to elect a pro-republic Labor government. With Jamaica moving in the same direction and with the Queen nearing the end of her reign the monarchy is starting to look like it’s on borrowed time."