Since this morning more than 1500 people have joined calls for a new oath for MPs following this election.


As the country goes to the polls a new campaign is calling for MPs to swear allegiance to the people, not the Queen.


Campaign group Republic has set up a petition calling for a "people's oath", to better reflect modern democratic values.


Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:


"When we witness democracy in action, voters across the UK freely choosing their representatives, it is galling to think next week MPs will pledge allegiance to a monarch."


"The people elect their MPs, so it should be to the people and the country that MPs owe their allegiance."


"This isn't just symbolic, it affects the political culture in London.  As MPs prepare to take their oath it's time to talk about why they should pledge their allegiance to the people, not to the Queen."


"We need to instil a stronger democratic culture in our parliaments and assemblies - we should affirm the sovereignty of the people."


"The current oath makes a mockery of our parliament and liars of many honest MPs, who genuinely feel their first loyalty is to the interests of their constituents.  And any MP who opposes the monarchy is asked on day one to speak against their principles and beliefs."


The petition reads:


To: Parliament of the United Kingdom


We petition the UK parliament to establish a new oath of allegiance, so that MPs pledge their allegiance to the people, not to the Queen.


The petition can be found at and will be handed to MPs in the coming weeks.


Sign the petition