Anti-monarchy protesters gathered outside Worcester Cathedral today, calling for an end to the monarchy.

Republic has been staging a string of protests around the country since the start of last year, calling for the abolition of the monarchy.

The Maundy service is seen as particularly hypocritical of the royals, as billionaires hand out a few pence to the poor while expecting adulation from the crowds.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"Camilla hands out just 75 pence to a few local people, while costing the people of Worcester thousands - costing the British taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds."

"This is a tone-deaf tradition that contrasts badly with the estimated £345 million the monarchy costs the British public each year."

“As with all local visits, this trip is likely to cost the Worcester taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds.”

"These royal visits are little more than a PR exercise. They seek to justify their abuse of public money by painting a picture of a hard-working family. Yet Camilla does very little from one week to the next."

"Rather than spend more than £345m a year on this one workshy family, can we not invest it in schools, hospitals and police?"

"Support for the monarchy is falling, and now more people under 45 want it gone than kept. We will win this campaign, this country will ditch the monarchy."

"Republic's campaign continues unabated and the protests will continue for as long as the monarchy is there."


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