54% of Brits are not interested in the Platinum Jubilee. That’s according to a YouGov poll out today.

The poll showed 54% were ‘not very’ (29%) or ‘not at all’ (25%) interested in the event, with just 11% 'very interested'.

A majority were not interested in all nations and regions, with Scotland showing the least interest.

There was also a majority not interested in the Jubilee in all age groups except the over-65s. Although Conservative voters were most interested of the main parties (62% said they were interested), 38% said they weren't.

The findings come despite widespread favourable coverage of the Jubilee over the past few weeks.

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, the campaign group who commissioned the poll, said today:

"The royals have failed to inspire much interest in the jubilee, despite the enthusiastic support of large sections of the media."

"Rather than being a national celebration, the jubilee is a minority interest. The lack of interest across the country and all age groups under 65 shows the monarchy's future is in serious doubt."

"As with previous royal events, there is a huge disconnection between the media's portrayal of public attitudes and how people actually feel."

"This latest poll again confirms that the British public just aren't that bothered about royal events."

"This shouldn't come as a surprise, particularly at the moment while so many are struggling to put food on the table or to pay their energy bills."

"But this public indifference to the royals goes beyond current crises, this is a long-term crisis of legitimacy for the monarchy."

"We already know from a recent poll that support for the monarchy has fallen sharply over the past ten years, from 75% to 60%, while support for abolition has jumped to more than 1 in 4."

"The Queen is by far the most popular royal. If this is the public response to a celebration of her reign, then the monarchy will be in serious trouble when Charles ascends to the throne."