Campaign group Republic has called on supporters and the wider public to respond to the media coverage of the royal baby by making a donation to the Child Poverty Action Group.

Republic's CEO Graham Smith said today:

"Republic is asking everyone to make a one-off £5 donation to the Child Poverty Action Group, a charity that works to make equality a reality." 

"This simple action is a concrete and positive way to say 'I want all children to be born equal'."

"Through our #bornEqual campaign we want to raise serious questions about the monarchy and about how most children are locked out of ever being able to aspire to the country's top job."

"In a democratic society we should not be celebrating inherited wealth and status while 3.5m children are growing up in poverty."

"We want people to step up and take a simple, concrete action to support child equality - as a way of helping and a way of sending a powerful messsage."

Donations can be made via the charity's own website,, using the donate button at the top of the page.

There is no relationship between Republic and CPAG and CPAG does not endorse and hasn't commented on Republic's campaign.  

Republic wants to do something positive in response to the royal baby and believes a donation to this great charity is the best action we can take.