Campaigners have accused the BBC of an appalling waste of licence fee money today, after the broadcaster announced waiving the fee for anyone holding a royal wedding event.


Campaign group Republic has recently launched a petition calling on the BBC to keep their royal reporting 'fair, balanced and accurate'.


Graham Smith of Republic said today:


"Our petition calls on the BBC to be fair and impartial when reporting the royals, what's the chances when they actively promote and fund royal street parties?"


"It makes absolutely no sense to throw licence fee payers' money away on a royal event.  This is not an event of 'national importance' as the BBC claims, it is a wedding."


"The BBC time and again gets it wrong with its coverage of the royals.  It's time there was a full, independent review of their relationship with the royals and their coverage of them."


"The monarchy is a political, constitutional institution that must be covered by the BBC impartially and intelligently.  Enough of the fawning and celebration - just report the facts."





Details of the petition can be found at