Former Jamaican ambassador Curtis Ward and Australian Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi will be joining Norman Baker, Tommy Sheppard MP and many more for the International Anti-Monarchy Conference this Saturday.

As polls show falling support for the monarchy and widespread disinterest in the jubilee, republican campaigners from around the world will be coming together for this online event.

Speakers include:

Bram van Montfoort (Republiek, Netherlands)
Curtis Ward (former Ambassador, Jamaica)
Graham Smith (CEO, Republic, UK)
Professor Jenny Hocking (Australia)
Lewis Holden (Chair, New Zealand Republic)
Maria Backman (Sweden)
Senator Mehreen Faruqi (Australia)
Nanthida Rakwong (Thailand)
Norman Baker (Former minister, UK)
Otto English (author of Fake History, UK)
Suda Rangkupan (Thailand)
Tom Freda (Chair, Citizens for a Canadian Republic)
Tommy Sheppard MP (UK)

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:

"Around the world there is growing momentum towards ditching the monarchy in favour of parliamentary republics. This conference will showcase the reasons behind that momentum and why we're all increasingly optimistic."

"We're delighted to have such an amazing line up of speakers from Jamaica, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. The issues are different in each country, but there is a common thread: the need for nations to be genuinely democratic and to have no room for hereditary or colonial power."

"Here in the UK we're seeing support for the monarchy drop sharply from 75% to 60% over the last few years, with a majority not interested in the jubilee"

"As more Commonwealth countries make the switch to republics we're going to see more debate and more people changing their mind about the future of the monarchy here in the UK."