Anti-monarchy activists unveiled banners at iconic locations around Britain today, including Poundbury, Kensington Palace, Edinburgh's National Gallery and the Prince of Wales Bridge over the river Severn.
The banner drop is part of a series of actions organised by local campaigners in support of Republic, calling for an elected head of state
Today's action comes two weeks before Republic Day, which will feature a rally on Trafalgar Square on Sunday May 5th. Speakers at the rally include Norman Baker, Peter Tatchell and Kelechi Okafor among others. 

Republic Day is the first event of its kind and marks the first anniversary of the coronation and the arrests of peaceful anti-monarchy protesters. Since then Republic has gained thousands of new members and activists, with an active network of campaigners around the country. 

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said:
"With some polls putting support for the monarchy below 50%, it's time to showcase the democratic alternative to this outdated institution - an elected head of state."
"That's why local campaigners took action today, unveiling anti-monarchy banners across the UK, from Edinburgh to London, Cardiff and down to Durdle Door on the Dorset coast."

"There has never been such a strong anti-monarchy campaign in modern times in the UK. We're going from strength to strength. Today's action and the May 5 Republic Day are testament to that." 

"The monarchy has no place in a modern democracy and there is a democratic alternative on offer. With confidence in our nation's institutions falling it's time to reimagine Britain as a republic - and that's what Republic Day is all about."
PHOTOS from the stunts are available here.
Information on REPUBLIC DAY can be found here.