When May 05, 2024 at 12:00pm 3 hrs

Hundreds of people took part in the first Republic Day on Trafalgar Square on Sunday, May 5th. Join us and be part of the moment, part of the movement

May 5th this year was the first national Republic Day, with rallies in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. 

More than a protest, more than a rally. Hundreds of people like you made Republic Day a huge success, widely reported and attracting media from around the world. 

When we abolish the monarchy, we really can change the country for good.

What happened at Republic Day in Trafalgar Square? 

An exciting programme on our Main Stage.

From left to right: Femi Nylander, Floris Müller, Fran Lock, Norman Baker, Kelechi Okafor, Graham Smith, Martin Hayes, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Peter Tatchell.

Actor and activist Femi Nylander hosted our main stage activities across the day including. Femi was joined by former MP Norman Baker, actress and activist Kelechi Okafor, long time campaigner Peter Tatchell, Republic's Graham Smith, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on the big screen, poets Martin Hayes and Fran Lock (also on the big screen) from Culture Matters and Floris Müller, the chair of the Dutch republican movement. 

Showcasing a growing movement.

We showcased the hard work of Republic's members, supporters, activists, staff and volunteers. 

This included the work of our allies around the UK and around the world. Activists from Norway, Sweden and Australia were among those who joined Republic, Labour for a Republic, Our Republic and Cymru Republic in marking Republic Day.

We need those coming in to our event to believe a republic is desirable and possible, and who better to tell that story than us.

As Graham Smith told the crowds, we will win because people keep turning up! 

A Royal Monster?

A soon-to-be-extinct royal creature is afoot on Trafalgar Square... will you help us defeat this beast? Chuck the Rex represents the once fierce monarchy that now belongs in the museum.

Like Charles, he was a little late... but he certainly made an impression when he arrived!

The Republic Day 'Citizens Banner'.

Lots of people came over and added their message to the "citizen's banner, marking the first Republic Day.

The rally

As the rally came to a close a few hundred people held up banners, flags and placards carrying a range of slogans but sending one simple message: it's time to abolish the monarchy, it's time to change the country for good. 

Edinburgh and Cardiff

Campaigners also gathered in Edinburgh and Cardiff for Republic Day. In Edinburgh they were joined by MP Tommy Sheppard.