Local anti-monarchy activists from Republic Edinburgh have for the first time protested the Scottish ceremony held at St Giles.

Following on from last year’s Coronation protest, Republic Edinburgh’s presence at the ceremony today reflects the growing anti-monarchist trend in Scotland.

As the UK prepares to go to the polls to exercise their democratic say in who runs the country, residents in Edinburgh have no say in paying for a lavish ceremony for an unelected monarch in their city. Instead, during a cost of living crisis, Edinburgh taxpayers are unfairly having to fork out thousands for this royal visit without any benefit to the city or its residents.

Speaking for the Republic Edinburgh Local Group, Francine Love said:

The latest Scottish poll shows that fewer than half the people in Scotland support the monarchy. We believe it's time to showcase the democratic alternative to this outdated institution - an elected head of state.'

'That's why local campaigners took action today, protesting against a lavish royal visit funded by taxpayers which local residents neither have a say in, or benefit from.'

A spokesperson from the Republic Edinburgh local group is available for comment.

PHOTOS and VIDEOS of the protest are available here.