Republican movements from across Europe will be meeting in Amsterdam this weekend, to discuss strategies for making Europe a monarchy-free continent.

Campaigners will be looking back on three abdications over the past two years, in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Each royal succession prompted widespread debate in their countries and raised questions in the UK about the Queen's reign.

Groups from the UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden will be attending the annual convention of the Alliance of European Republican Movements (AERM).

Republic will be representing the UK movement.

The convention will be talking about long-term strategies, overcoming common myths about benign monarchies and key campaign skills.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said today:

"Across the seven major monarchies in Europe republicans are gaining strength and preparing big plans for the future."

"By coming together as an alliance we can learn from each other's experience and draw strength from our successes."

"I'm looking forward to hearing how Spanish republicans responded to the abdication of King Juan Carlos and how other campaigns are continuing to grow."

"Europe will become a monarchy-free zone during our life times.  Of that I'm certain.  This alliance is the proof that the republican movement is getting organised and building support."