When June 10, 2023 at 3:00pm 3 hrs
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Republic and The Gilded Acorn bookshop at the LSE are proud to sponsor the launch of 

Abolish The Monarchy: Why We Should and How We Will. 

Come and hear from the author and Republic's CEO, Graham Smith as he sets out why the monarchy must go, the exciting alternative and why he's optimistic about the future prospects of success.

This event is now sold out! 

There will be other events later in the year.

The launch will include a Q&A session and drinks afterwards, as well as a chance to get your copy signed by Graham.


"I’ve never heard a good argument for the monarchy, so I
shouldn’t have been surprised. In twenty years of campaigning
for its abolition, I’ve not once heard an argument that isn’t
wrong in fact or in principle – sometimes both."

"As Thomas Paine once said, ‘A long habit of not thinking a
thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right.’
Perhaps that is the problem here. People assume there must be
good reasons why we have a monarchy and so try to flesh out
what those reasons might be, not wanting to look too closely at
the alternative for fear of realizing long habit has led them

 Graham Smith, Abolish the Monarchy


Tickets are just £10 or £25 with a copy of the book (to be collected on the day)

This is the book I have been waiting for. The lack of accountability of the monarchy is disgraceful. The privileges they have are indefensible. Step forward Graham Smith. He is not afraid to speak the truth so many people feel but find difficult to express. Reading this book will give you the confidence to speak up, and to understand that we, the British people, (and I must say, those in the land of my parents), deserve a fairer society. Benjamin Zephaniah, author of The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah

'A crucial, riveting polemic in support of one of the most precious things humanity has built - democracy itself' OWEN JONES

'Graham Smith shows what fools our rotten constitution makes of us, with a monarch as emblem of a country beset by nepotism, backhanders, chumocracy and inherited privilege. Read and rebel!' POLLY TOYNBEE


"A republic, if anything, is a recognition of the
wonderful courage, resourcefulness, brilliance and creativity of
all of us. A republic means we recognize that we are quite capable
of stepping up to the challenges we face as a nation. And
we can make facing those challenges so much easier by equipping
ourselves with institutions that are founded on solid, noble
principles and which work for the common good."

Graham Smith, Abolish the Monarchy

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