The Alliance of European Republican Movements (AERM) is holding its annual convention in Oslo next week, from 4-6 April.

The AERM, which is made up of national campaign organisations, will be focussing on sharing strategies and discussing recent developments around Europe.

In recent years the Swedish monarchy has come under fire as a result of various scandals, the Spanish monarchy has been rocked by scandal and court cases while the Dutch monarch abdicated in favour of her son.  In the UK the republican movement has been boosted by the royal wedding, jubilee and royal birth.

Graham Smith, speaking for the British republican organisation Republic, said today:

"This alliance is a crucial part of our long-term strategy.  By working with our European counterparts we can build a European-wide momentum against the idea of monarchy."

"By sharing information and experiences we can help put to rest this myth that European monarchies are any less corrupt or that they lead normal lives, cycling to work in the morning."

"Speaking to republicans from Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and elsewhere we can see that the issues facing these countries are much the same as here.  Monarchies are inevitably secretive, wasteful of taxpayers' money and intefering with the political process."

"There are only seven major countries in Europe that still have monarchies - it's time we reduced that number to zero.  By working together we can show that it is the idea of monarchy, as much as the specific issues here in Britain, that is the problem."

"The Oslo meeting will be a great opportunity to reflect on the progress we're making and the hard work that lies ahead.  And together we'll be able to create strong and unstoppable republican movements in every monarchy left in Europe."


The Alliance of European Republican Movements has member organisations from the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain.

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The Oslo convention will be attended by delegations from each member organisation.  Previous conventions have been held in Stockholm (2010), London (2011), Copenhagen (2012) and Brussels (2013).

About Republic

Republic is a membership-based pressure group which lobbies and campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy in the UK. In addition to campaigning for this primary objective we also see our mission as being to hold to account the monarchy and royal household and to represent the views of republicans to a wider audience and to public authorities. Our campaign is supported by over 29,000 republicans from across the political spectrum, including 15 Members of Parliament.