Over 13,100 people have so far added their names to a petition, calling on the royals to pay for Prince Harry's wedding.


Despite claims the royals are footing the bill, estimates reported today suggest the taxpayer will end up spending £24m for security and road closures.


The petition is calling on MPs to ensure no public money is spent on the event.


Republican campaigner Graham Smith said today:


"Britain's public services are being squeezed, budgets are being cut - yet apparently we can find £24m to throw at the richest family in the country."


"A wedding is a private event. With the majority of people not interested in the engagement, why are taxpayers footing the bill?"


"With homelessness on the increase, public services stretched and police forces struggling to cope - a royal wedding is the last thing we need to be spending money on."


"I'm calling on MPs to insist the royals pay - including picking up the security bill."


"Anyone else having a public event with a procession down the street would be expected to pay up - why are the royals any different?"






In November a YouGov poll showed 52% of the population were not interested in the wedding announcement.  See https://yougov.co.uk/news/2017/11/29/5-charts-british-reaction-prince-harrys-engagement/


A report in the Express claims the cost for security will be around £24m, although there are likely to be other costs met by the local council and businesses.