Campaigners have called on the government to take back possession of the Duchies of Lancaster and Duchy. The call follows detailed research in the Guardian which throws light on the vast fortunes the royals are raking in from the two estates.

Republic points out that the Duchies are state property and belong to the Crown. The royals are being dishonest in claiming they are private estates.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said:

"The history of the Duchies is the same as the history of other Crown lands. The historical records show that these estates have in the past been clearly viewed as state property, in the gift of parliament."

"There is no justification for allowing Charles and William to rake in incomes of more than £20m a year each from these estates. That money could be spent on public services."

"Over the past several decades the royals have persuaded the public and the press that these estates are private. They are not, and the royals should be called out for this sleight of hand."

"The combined profits of the two Duchies, more than £40m a year, could be spent on struggling schools, underfunded health services or helping the poorest communities. Instead it goes into the pockets of Charles and William."

"It's time the government rolled the estates' assets into the Crown Estate and stopped giving the royals massive, bloated incomes. It's time to take back the Duchies."