A YouGov poll has shown the number of Britons who have a negative view of the monarchy has jumped sharply since the Queen died a year ago. A third of people now have either a very negative (16%) or fairly negative (17%) view of the royals.

That's up from 24% (10% and 14% respectively) in September last year.

The number of people with a very positive view of the monarchy has also fallen sharply, from 31% to 20%.

The poll also shows support for abolition rising and support for the monarchy falling.

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:

"The coronation has done nothing to secure the monarchy's future. The royal's £250m PR operation in May failed. Instead it has energised the opposition and turned people off the monarchy."

"Just 20% have a very positive view of the monarchy. That spells trouble for the royals in the longer term."

"Scandals won't go away, Prince Andrew continues to haunt them, and people under 40 are increasingly unlikely to support the monarchy."

"Meanwhile the republican movement is growing, with Republic doubling its membership, building a stronger team and setting its sights on more protests, more campaigns and more rapid growth."

"The monarchy is fast losing public support, it's time the country started having a serious debate about the democratic alternative."


POLL: https://docs.cdn.yougov.com/5nhnwyt4ui/Internal_RoyalFavourability_230831_W.pdf

More on Republic's growth: https://www.republic.org.uk/press_releases