The Queen has been criticised for lobbying governments to allow her son to become head of the Commonwealth.

The comments come after the revelation that the Queen's advisor met the Australian prime minister in 2013 to drum up support for Charles.

Republic's CEO Graham Smith said today:

"We can be sure this isn't the only meeting the Queen's advisor has had with Commonwealth heads of government.  Clearly the Queen is seeking to quietly stitch this up for her son.

"The Commonwealth has evolved into a very different organisation since it was created.  There are legitimate and serious calls for a change in how the organisation's head is chosen."

"Rather than trying to do what's right by the Commonwealth the Queen is secretly lobbying in defence of her son's interests.  That's just not on."

"There needs to be public debate about the role, not a secret stitch up organised by the Queen.  The Queen is expected to stay out of politics, this is a political decision that should be left to heads of government."

"When we think that most Commonwealth countries are republics and the vast majority of its citizens are non-European it makes sense to have a more representative head."