Royal expenses and a call to take the Duchy of Cornwall away from Prince Charles will be among the issues discussed at the Republic annual conference this year.

For the first time the annual conference is being held in Bristol.

Guest speakers include deputy Greens leader Shahrar Ali and columnist Tanya Gold.

Bristol has a long history of political activism and the region has strong links to the Duchy.

The conference will also look at royal expenses, hear more about the growing Republic campaign and debate the positive case for a republic.

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, said today:

"The Duchy of Cornwall has a strong presence in the West Country and is a vehicle for Prince Charles's influence and lobbying.  We believe it needs to be abolished and its land and assets handed to the nation."

"We are talking here about the property empire run as a business, not Cornwall itself.  Cornwall should retain its unique status and any land owned by the Duchy within Cornwall should be the property of Cornwall."

"Republic has been gaining hundreds of new members recently, this campaign is only growing louder and stronger.  The recent royal expenses revelations remind people why the monarchy is not fit for purpose."

"In Bristol we'll be announcing a new campaign aimed at raising awareness of the Duchy and why it needs to go.  We'll also be hearing more about royal expenses and how the royals abuse public money."

"I'm delighted to have Shahrar Ali as a guest speaker.  The Greens have a clear commitment to ending the monarchy's constitutional role and Republic is keen to build alliances across all political parties so we can secure future political support."

"It's great to welcome Tanya Gold back to our annual conference.  Tanya is a brilliant ambassador for the republican cause."