Anti-monarchy campaigners will be protesting outside St Giles Cathedral on July 5, as Charles and Camilla arrive for the 'Honours of Scotland' service.

A good turnout is expected as campaign group Republic gets ready for its first protest since the coronation.

Republic is also collaborating with Scottish republican group Our Republic, who are organising a rally which will take place on The Meadows shortly after the protest.

More details will be released in the coming days.

Speaking for Republic today, Graham Smith said:

"We are back. We will not be deterred from protesting by the arrests at the coronation, and will continue to make the voices of millions of republicans heard around the UK."

"This pointless vanity parade in Edinburgh will cost Scottish taxpayers millions of pounds, and for what? So Charles can once again be centre of attention for a day."

"Everyone in the UK should have the right to choose our head of state - not be told it will be Charles. Charles does not represent the people of Scotland any more than he represents the rest of the UK."

"Fewer than 10% of people in Britain were enthusiastic about the coronation. It's unlikely Scots will be that interested in this farcical ceremony. Shouldn't we instead be celebrating ordinary people, people who have achieved something, and the power of people to govern ourselves and shape our own lives?"