Campaigners have today called for a major independent inquiry into the royal household. The call follows a string of fresh accusations against Prince Andrew which raise serious questions about the judgement of the Queen and Prince Charles.

With reports of abuse of public office by Prince Andrew in today’s Mail on Sunday and revelations that the Queen demanded Andrew be made colonel of the Grenadier Guards, campaign group Republic has said it’s time for a broader investigation into royal behaviour and possible corruption. 

Speaking for Republic Graham Smith said this morning:

“Andrew is now accused of serious abuse of public office, working for his billionaire friend while on official business. With the royals enjoying official secrecy and access to all parts of government can we believe this isn’t a wider problem?”

“There have been so many stories, rumours and accusations over the years, many of which are simply ignored.”

“Revelations about Andrew give a new urgency to calls for a wider investigation. Prince Charles will soon be king and the public deserve to know if these problems are limited to Andrew or are part of a wider problem of corruption within the royal household.”

“Charles is also accused of abuse of public office, whether it’s pursuing his own political agenda, protecting his financial interests of misusing public funds.”

“His judgement is also brought into question by recent events and on many previous occasions. Can we really believe Andrew is one rotten apple? Or are they all part of a rotten institution?”