Campaigners have called for an independent review of racism at the palace, and for the royals to face up to the racism that appears to be commonplace within the household, following shocking reports of racist abuse from Susan Hussey, royal aide and godmother to William.

Speaking today, Graham Smith said:

"The royal family have a long history of racism, including countless offensive remarks from Prince Philip and deeply troubling attitudes from the Queen Mother, through to more recent accusations from Meghan Markle. Prince William has been accused of racism in his attitude toward Africans when lecturing others on the environment."

"The monarchy's history is steeped in racism, the current family have done far too little to stamp it out and catch up with the rest of society on tackling these appalling attitudes."

"For once we need to see clear and unequivocal openness and honesty from the palace, an admission of past failings and an independent review of where the fault lies."

"This would be so much simpler if we elected our head of state, where such behaviour would result in resignation."

"With the royals we'll see more hand-wringing and platitudes but little action, because the last thing the royals want is a closer inspection of their appalling track record on race."