Following the most recent revelations about Prince Andrew's financial dealings campaigners have called for an urgent investigation into royal cash for access.

Recently Prince Charles was also embroiled in cash for access allegations, while he and his family remain protected by layers of official secrecy.

Speaking for campaign group Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"As with the row over MPs’ second jobs, when someone is paying a public figure large sums of money the question has to be: what do they want in return?"

"Prince Andrew has access to the highest levels of government both here and abroad. Has he been accepting financial support in return for lobbying on behalf of his patrons?"

"There needs to be complete transparency for royal lobbying and royal finances, because at the moment we have no idea what influence Andrew, Charles or William are having on governments and on whose behalf."

"Royals have unique access to the highest levels of government here and abroad, as well as complete secrecy surrounding what they do and say behind closed doors."

"There needs to be an urgent investigation into royal lobbying and cash for access, starting with Prince Andrew."

"And we need an overhaul of freedom of information laws so people can find out what the royals are saying to ministers, and on whose behalf."