In response to the imminent birth of a new royal baby campaigners are to highlight issues of equality and rights in the UK.

Anti-monarchy campaign Republic is to re-launch it's #bornEqual campaign this week.  

The group says that every child should be born with the same political rights, the same opportunity to become head of state and to represent their country.

Graham Smith, the campaign's CEO, said today:

"A royal birth raises a lot of questions about our claims to be a democracy: is this the best way to line people up for the top job?  Shouldn't every child be born equal?"

"It also raises questions about priorites and a sense of perspective.  Should the country be called on to celebrate a royal birth when 3.5m children are growing up in poverty?"

"2,200 babies are born every day in the UK.  Every one of them is unique, precious and deserving the very best care we can provide.  To single out this birth because they are 'royal' is simply wrong."

"Of course Kate and William will be delighted about the birth of their second child - and everyone wishes their newborn health and happiness.  Those best wishes are extended to every child born today and every day, because every child is born equal."

"I would urge the media to address these serious questions about the nature of Britain's democracy, not indulge in endless trivia and speculation as happened with the birth of Prince George."