The republican movement is gaining momentum, according to the UK's largest anti-monarchy organisation.

As we approach the first anniversary of the accession of Charles to the throne, Republic has said it is witnessing unprecedented growth.

Polls are also showing signs of trouble ahead for the royals, with support falling and YouGov showing opposition at its highest level.

  • Since 2021 Republic has been enjoying a surge in support, with income jumping from £106,000 to £177,000 in 2021, to £286,000 last year - and now set to hit half a million this year.
  • With membership more than doubling since the coronation, it is likely to hit 10,000 before Christmas and 15,000 next year. That's a strong membership for a non-party campaign organisation.
  • Increased resources means the staff and volunteer team has grown quickly in recent months. There are now seven staff, dozens of volunteers and more than 700 activists around the country.
  • There has also been a proliferation of organisations around the UK. Republic is now joined on stage by Labour for a Republic, Our Republic, which is based in Scotland, Cymru Republic and No More Royals.

A YouGov poll out on the weekend showed support for the monarchy had fallen from 67% to 62% since Charles took over, while support for abolition had jumped from 20% to 26%.

Other polls have shown support for abolition over 30%. There is a significant generational gap, with those under 40 and under 30 far less likely to support the monarchy.

Speaking for Republic today, Graham Smith said:

"There's an ongoing trend of falling support, younger people will not be won back to the monarchist cause".

"The monarchy is now being propped up by the over-65s. Sooner rather than later overall support for the royals will drop below 50% - then the game is on."

"Republic has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years - accelerated by the coronation. This is the strongest the anti-monarchy movement has ever been in the UK, and we're now set to grow stronger and louder over the next eighteen months."

"Despite a year of saturation coverage of the royals, positive coverage of Charles, the coronation and his visits around the country, support for the king and the institution has fallen sharply."

"We're excited to see more groups emerge across the UK and to find so many people keen to get out in their towns and cities and campaign on this issue."

"2023 has been a game-changer for Republic and the wider republican movement. Momentum is on our side, while the monarchy is increasingly looking frail, vulnerable and worn out."