The Queen was today greeted by a dozen republican protesters, including veteran campaigner Peter Tatchell, as she visited the Guildhall in the City of London for a Charles Dickens event. The protest was the first in a series of small demonstrations being organised by campaign group Republic, as a lead up to a major protest at the Thames pageant on June 3. Republic is challenging the jubilee, arguing that 60 years of one head of state is nothing to be celebrating in a democratic society. For full details of our jubilee plans visit Republic's chief executive told the press before the protest: "Our message is simple: this is not a national celebration, it is a royal celebration, marking another 60 years of an unaccountable and undemocratic institution." "The monarchy is a central part of a political system that is fundamentally undemocratic. The institution itself is racked with political meddling and financial waste while the very principle of hereditary power is offensive to democratic values." "For so many reasons it is completely wrong for our government and the palace to be indulging in a celebration of royal privilege and undemocratic power. We'll be making that message loud and clear over the coming months." "We'll be there on Tuesday to make it clear there is a growing opposition movement to the monarchy. This will be the start of an ongoing programme of protests against this institution."