Republic has reacted to the Queen's visit to this morning's cabinet meeting. Spokesperson Graham Smith said: "Inviting the Queen to attend cabinet is a PR stunt, but it's a highly symbolic one - it's a powerful reminder that Britain's political system is feudal at heart. The government should be thinking of ways of opening up the political process and putting more power in the hands of the people - this sends exactly the opposite message." "At the end of a year that has seen continual revelations about Prince Charles's political lobbying, the idea of inviting an unelected monarch to sit in on the business of government seems particularly inappropriate. Let's hope Charles doesn't get any ideas and think he can start attending cabinet every week." "Instead of fawning over the Queen, David Cameron should ask why the royals are exempted from freedom of information rules, why Charles has a veto over legislation and why hard-pressed taxpayers are spending £200m every year on one of Britain's richest families."