Campaign group Republic has criticised the BBC for its coverage of the Queen's birthday, saying it is out of touch with reality, public sentiment and their own obligations to impartiality.

Graham Smith, the campaign group's CEO, said today:

"The Queen's birthday does not warrant this kind of coverage, it is inappropriate to celebrate a political figure like this and the public just aren't that excited about the royals."

"The BBC has a duty to report, not to celebrate the royals.  That reporting must be fair, balanced and proportionate. So far this week the BBC has failed completely on those measures."

"When there are so many major events happening in the world, making the royal family the main headline story is unacceptable."

"There are serious questions to be asked about the corruption and abuse of position of the royal family.  There are questions to be debated about the future of the monarchy.  There are questions about the Queen's role in politics.  These are issues that need to be addressed by our national broadcaster."

"The BBC has a long history of supporting the monarchy and marginalising other voices, whether those of republicans or those of the majority who don't share the enthusiasm of journalists."

"The vast majority of the public are simply getting on with their lives this week, yet the BBC is suggesting the country is celebrating the Queen's birthday.  The failed Clean for the Queen campaign showed that's just not the case."