King Charles was met by anti-monarchy protesters yesterday during a brief visit to Milton Keynes.

Protesters, including Graham Smith from Republic, were outside the Church of Christ the Cornerstone when Charles arrived.

Graham Smith asked Charles a number of questions, including "why don't you answer your critics?" as the king walked past.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"Republic is concerned about recent police harassment of peaceful protesters at royal events. We're determined to get the message across that it's ok to protest against the royals."

"Instead of a pointless coronation we need a serious public debate."

"We believe the British public should be asked, do you want Charles or a choice? The tide is starting to turn against the monarchy and we need a serious debate about its future."

"Recent polls have shown support among people under 45 has dropped below 50%. There is a clear need for a full, informed public debate."

"Republic will be protesting at the coronation, driving home the message that this is not a national celebration, but promotion of the monarchy at huge cost to the taxpayer."

"The time for change is here."

A Savanta poll showing fewer than 50% of under 45s support the monarchy is here: