Campaigners have condemned media contracts that have been signed between broadcasters and Clarence House.  

Campaign group Republic will be writing to Ofcom, BBC News, Sky News and ITN to clarify their position on interviews with members of the Royal Household.

The move follows reports that Prince Charles demands complete control over any broadcast interviews, including a veto over other contributors to news programmes and documentaries in which his interview is featured.

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:

"Prince Charles has effectively co-opted our national broadcasters, using them as extentions of his PR operation.  Serious questions need to be asked of our broadcasters about why they have colluded with the royals in this way."

"This is North Korea-style control and censorship.  Prince Charles wants to be able to say whatever he wants, and he wants to control how his comments are reported and who responds to them."

"These contracts raise serious questions about the editorial independence of our national broadcasters.  Any broadcaster signing these contracts should hang their heads in shame."

"Prince Charles should not be wading into public debates.  If he wants to then he should be subjected to the same level of scrutiny and challenge as anyone else."

"If Prince Charles is not prepared to be challenged in the way that an MP might be expected to be challenged then he should keep his opinions to himself."

"It is shocking that these contracts demand a veto over the choice of other contributors to programmes in which his interviews are featured.  Not only does Charles want to control the way his comments are reported, he wants to sideline anyone who disagrees with him."